PVASD Closed Down after 2 ½ Months of Being in School

Claire Porter

This is the logo for the Penns Valley Rams

The Penns Valley Area School District was one of the last school districts to go virtual or hybrid due to the global pandemic. One of the reasons that we had to go virtual was because of the increase of Covid cases we had inside of the school buildings. We needed to shut down before the whole district was affected, and everyone went to school virtually for a few weeks. But now the Penns Valley Area School District (PVASD)is going hybrid which means that different students will go on different days. The reason we shut down was because of the continual uprise in Covid cases in the school district. But now we are a hybrid and there are three different groups that go to school on different days. For instance, the Gray group goes every day and the Blue group goes on Mondays and Tuesdays and the White group goes Wednesday through Friday. The way we are going to school isn’t the most efficient way to go to school but hey, at least it still works and even with the internet problems we still made it so far! I don’t really enjoy being on Zoom all of the school day because it makes my eyes hurt from having to look at the computer nonstop and it isn’t the most effective way for me to learn. The good thing is we can still go to school. I can’t wait until we can all be back in the same building all at the same time. I think that the hybrid way we are going to school will help some people to get out of their shells to meet new people and go outside of their comfort zone! I hope this helped you to be a RAM (Respect self and others, Accept responsibility, and Maintain integrity!!). Also, I hope you will follow the rules.