The State College YMCA Swim Team

This is the logo for the State College YMCA swim team. Let’s Go SCAY

2020 has been a different year this year. There have been more rules and restrictions and not being able to do a bunch of fun things we usually do every year. But the State College YMCA swim team has come together to still have an amazing year. 

With COVID-19 we haven’t been able to do that many fun things that we usually get to do every year, like sleepovers and team hangouts.  But the head coach,  coach Marine has been amazing and added as many fun things we can do with COVID-19  into practices and meets. When we do relays or games after practice every once in a while everyone makes sure everyone is six feet apart out of the water and still be able to cheer on teammates and work together.

For swimming, you can’t wear a mask so they have everyone spread out and when everyone is out of the water everyone has their mask on. When they are in the water there is a maximum of 5 people per lane and 2-3 people on each side of the pool. When the swimmers get out of the pool they have to grab their masks put them on. To put their masks on faster the coaches have put hooks on the sides of the walls, so when you get out of the pool in the middle of practice you can grab it and go.

This year has been difficult but the swim team has coped with the rules and regulations and is still having a fun, amazing year. The swim team tries their hardest and never give up even if it is different. If you would like to learn more about the State College YMCA then click this link and see all the activities and information about the swim team.