How Covid has Hit Penns Valley

Brayden Lisowski

Hello and welcome to all. This article is how covid 19 has shut Penns Valley down. Even with the holiday Thanksgiving we were not able to all come back to school in December. Over the holidays we were all enjoying ourselves and hoping we would all come back to school. This did not happen and the state shut down all the major public schools down to go virtual or to go hybrid. If you do not know what it means it means we have certain days where some of us go to school and some of us do not. That means that the ones who do not go to school every day have to go virtual for a couple of days until it is their assigned day to go.

So far there are three groups, the grey group which goes five days a week, the blue group which goes 2 days a week and the white group which goes 3 days a week. These groups were chosen because it is easier to have a smaller number of people in the building and to stay socially distanced. Although not every school is going hybrid, schools in bigger areas are going all virtual to help stop the massive spread of covid. Our superintendent believes going to school five days a week is better for our education than going to school online. This is one of the main reasons that our school is not virtual right now. This also means that if there is no school there are no sports to play because most of the sports at Penns Valley are team sports and you have to practice together as a team. That is how covid has hit the Penns Valley School District the hardest. 

Thanks for reading!