Mental Health Impacts Because of COVID 19

Kiara Dunkle

Believe it or not, COVID 19 has a big impact on people’s mental health. In fact, 53% of adults said that their mental health has not been good since COVID 19. Already 1.58 million people have died from COVID 19 and people think COVID 19 will continue in 2021. This causes a lot of fear, worry, loneliness, stress, and anxiety in people as they do not know what to expect. Fear about losing a job, everything being online, having to connect to people online, fear of getting sick, and anxiety from having to quarantining are only a couple of causes for bad mental health. Even though people may look past the importance of mental health it is something that has been impacting us all since COVID 19 started.

Fear and worry that everything is changing and uncertainty about what is going to happen next is a common example of how people feel right now. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) commented, “Fear and anxiety about a new disease and what could happen can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children.” CDC shows us how quarantine is causing people to feel overwhelmed and helpless because they don’t know what to do.

Another emotion that people have been experiencing since COVID 19 is loneliness because of social distancing and being away from people. The University of Stirling explained that “Increasing loneliness due to social distancing was associated with a smaller social network, lower perceived social support and a decrease in wellbeing.” This helps explain why people are feeling lonely and shows how not being able to be around people as much has affected how people feel.

Not only have people been feeling lonely, fearful, and worried but people have also been very stressed which is causing anxiety. No one has experienced anything like this before, so people are worried about what will happen in the future. CDC commented that “The changes that can happen because of the COVID 19 pandemic and the ways we try to contain the spread of the virus can affect anyone.” CDC tells us how in order to stop the spread of COVID 19 precautions are being taken, but this is causing people to feel anxious and stressed. For, example with everything being online people may be stressed if they can not get their computer to work properly.

COVID 19 has impacted many people and changed how everyone is feeling. Anxiety, worry, stress, fear, and loneliness have been emotions that people are facing. COVID 19 is very different and no one has experienced anything like this before which is causing people to feel like this. It is important to be able to deal with these feelings and emotions. Visit

home%20isolation-,Pandemics%20can%20be%20stressful,emotions%20in%20adults%20and%20children. to learn more about how you can cope with these different emotions you may be feeling. Even though COVID 19 has been crazy and had a big impact on our lives, it is also changing our mental health and impacts our emotions as well.

The coronavirus is causing people to feel stress, anxious, fearful, worried, and lonely.