Christmas in Covid


How my family is celebrating during covid.

Ashley Whitsel

This year due to covid-19 Christmas is going to be very different from past years. You have to wear a mask everywhere, you have to be socially distanced, and you might not be able to see some of your family. In this article, I will be talking about what my family is going to be doing this year for Christmas. 

My family and I normally go to my aunt’s house before Christmas but due to covid, we can’t. For past Christmas’s we did secret Santa; if you don’t know what secret Santa is, you pull the name of someone in your family and you have to get them a gift, but you can’t tell anyone who you got. When you get together you reveal who you got and give them the gift they got. With the covid guidelines, we decided to have a zoom with our family. Even though we are sad we can’t visit some of our family this year we are grateful we at least get to zoom with them. 

We go to Pittsburgh to celebrate Christmas too. This year we are leaving on the 15th because we are supposed to get snow. We also do secret Santa in Pittsburgh, another fun thing we do is grab bag. Grab bag is when my gram has a bag filled with a lot of fun gifts and we get in a line and take turns picking something out of the bag. In the most recent years, we decorated gingerbread houses. My cousin Maddie and I get matching pj’s for when we open gifts. My gram always makes the best food. Some of my favorites are cheesy potatoes, ham, etc. This year we are going to my pap’s house too. We normally go and eat dinner but this year we are just going for a little bit. 

Back at my house, on Christmas Eve, my brother and I give each other gifts and then get ready for bed. On Christmas morning we wake up pretty early and force our parents to wake up so we can open our presents. After my brother and I are done opening our presents we sit and watch our parents open their presents. In past years we would drive to Pittsburgh on Christmas Day evening, but since we went to Pittsburgh early this year we are going to have a big Christmas dinner with our family. I’m hoping we are going to make cookies and watch a movie after dinner but we will see. 

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy New Year! I think we can all agree when I say we are all hoping 2021 is a better year than 2020 was.