Christmas 2020

December 2020…


This year in 2020 has been an interesting year. Yet this year is not over. Today is December 9th, 2020. It’s not even Christmas yet, and to be honest it’s not close to being over.


This year a lot has happened to all of us. We had forest fires, deaths of loved ones/hero’s, riots, and worst of all COVID-19. Covid-19 has officially gone as a pandemic across the earth on New Year’s Eve. Everyone was in a panic, everyone went to stores stocking up, and worst of all every store ran out of most supplies for everyone. The U.S. was going crazy to where riots were starting people burning police stations down and everything. People were soon not even feeling safe in their own towns and homes, but that was just the start.

Once the pandemic started it just got worse and worse from there. People were dying, people couldn’t even see their family’s. People were going insane with being in their houses. Most people couldn’t even afford their homes anymore because of not being able to work anymore. Everyone worried about what they would do if they weren’t able to pay bills. Soon people were finally able to go back to work but with safety precautions. 

Once people started going to work Covid was getting worse again. Yet everyone was still staying at work. Kids were not allowed to go to school; they had to stay at home doing online school. All of the kids staying at home really didn’t help with anyone’s grades. It was hard for kids to learn from home. 

Until summer vacation hit, people couldn’t hang out with people/friends. People couldn’t go to public swimming was like we weren’t allowed to do anything at all. Yet people found a way to make the summer fun and it actually was.

Now it is December and things are much worse than what it was before. People can’t even have a real Christmas. Everyone has to stay at home, and can’t even see family. This is just a RIP for 2020 Christmas.