Rating the Different Masks From Worst to Best


We’ve been wearing masks for a while now and we have all seen many different kinds of masks. I will be sharing what I personally think what the best and worst masks are to wear. 

Coming in last place are the face shields. I do not want to explain why this one is last on my list. To sum it up, why, just why?

Next up are the clear and mesh masks. I think these masks are pretty much useless, but not only are they useless. They are just so hideous as well. I know others may think otherwise. With the clear masks, you can see your sweat and your breath just marinating on that mask for others to see. Then the mesh masks just serve no purpose and just look odd. 

Third, to last is the neck gaiters, these are mainly used for people who snowboard and ski in the winter. I don’t like them being used as a mask. I think that it’s not their purpose and can be worn in weird ways sometimes. 

Now the n-95s may be the safest and effective masks. I think these masks make people look like ducks, so this mask is pretty low on my list. 

Medical masks are simple and are worn by many healthcare workers. I like these masks. They are not my first choice when it comes to masks. The reason being I’m not a fan of the blue it does not match with much, still a very good mask though!

 In second place are cloth masks. These would be first on my list but then can be kind of heavy sometimes which can make it annoying to wear at times. Besides that this mask is all-around great. You can have many different colors and patterns and can get very creative with them. You’re also able to wash them which makes them very sustainable and you can keep them for a long time, this can also save you money. These masks are great and I love them a lot!

Now coming in first place are the black medical masks, these masks match with anything you wear. Not only that but they are very comfortable to wear and can fit any face! Now, these masks are disposable so you can only get a few wears out of them, but I still think that the black medical masks are absolutely remarkable. And are my favorite to wear, they will always be my number one pick!