Drama Class and Why it is Important

Picture of actors performing on stage.

Picture of actors performing on stage.

Drama class is a class that allows students to perform plays and act out different characters. Drama also teaches students confidence and different ways to express themselves. It gives each student a chance to shine on stage. The class accepts anyone and allows you to meet new friends!

In Drama class you can put on any play whether its a comedy, a murder story, or even a tragedy. There is a huge variety and it allows you to be creative with whatever story you are telling. This can allow students to show a part of themselves they never have and allow them to play a character that will express that side of themselves. Depending on the play, you can have some pretty fun and wacky costumes. Costumes always complete the character and it can even be a costume you picked out!

Confidence is something many can struggle with but Drama class can help you. No one in the class is there to judge you, they are there to be your friend and to support you. You can gain more confidence by being on the stage in front of an audience and performing an amazing show. You will feel amazing afterwards and everyone will cheer you on. It is always a confidence booster to shine on stage along with your fellow new friends.

Drama can teach students a lot and allow them to do things they have never done before. Drama gives each person a chance and allows them to express themselves however they choose.