Does Climate Change Affect Coffee


Can society live without coffee? Well, maybe just think about all the coffee idea-based drinks and recipes that are made throughout the world. How about coffee Ice cream? Or Coffee cake? Or even maybe Mochas and many Dunkin Donut drinks? Many students and Teachers run on coffee throughout the school day. Just imagine if coffee ran out in stores worldwide.  The world shipping disruptions have been seen before that in New York with a coffee shortage it would be very unstable (Imagine people being chaotic about one cup of coffee, and acting like coffee zombies) in the city itself.]

Now you’ve read that New York City could be a very dangerous place without the surplus of coffee. Just envision many other large cities that are out of control, but where does this coffee complication start in the first place. Well, climate change is taking a toll on all kinds of plants that including coffee plants. Scientist Stephen Robert Miller reports that on the front lines of central Arizona, farmers are facing deep problems of water droughts from the Colorado River. Some are questioning why the Gila River Indian Community, who have senior water rights and thus haven’t faced a cut yet. And yet The future of farming hangs over the Arizona Desert.

Does this mean our coffee rights are out of the question? The answer is now reported by  Sarah Gibbins and cartographer Riley Champagne report, “A new study projecting that by 2050 the area most suitable for growing coffee on this planet will decline by half, mostly because of rising temperatures,” The main producers of coffee are the following. Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia. But these places are far greater for cashews. The coffee plants are not the only thing in danger. Many other plants are very important to society. That can not be afforded to be lost. Like wheat, peaches, almonds, and cashews. But, are there going to be new location sites for coffee? Or will this be the end of coffee for us all coffee lovers?

Well, not exactly. I, Emma Marks, think differently. Many scientists in the world genetically modify plants, like corn and rice. Well, would it be possible if can genetically modify coffee plants? Then coffee plants can stay longer with us. I for one think this is a great idea and is possible. Not to mention we’d be in less danger of having a coffee apocalypse.