Ms William Interview

Hayden Houser

This is Ms.Williams first year as a teacher here at Penns Valley and it’s safe to say she has already has been welcomed here by many of the students due to her kindness, and great vibe as a teacher.

As mentioned before this is her first year here at Penns Valley, she started teaching because she loves to help people out, also it was a rash decision to become a teacher. After putting in applications for other jobs during the Covid pandemic, work places weren’t accepting applications, so she decided to go to college and end up being a teacher, and that’s exactly what happened. Ms. Williams said that she does not plan on ever leaving here to teach at another school, she said that she does not plan on leaving because of how much she likes Penns Valley. She loves how welcoming the students are, and how close the community is, and no one is a stranger, and she loves how everyone knows each other, which is good enough to make her not want to leave Penns Valley ever.

She also says this is what she plans on doing until retirement, and teach as long as she can, and personally I think it is great for the school that she plans on staying here, because it is hard to come across a teacher like Ms. Williams every day.