Penns Valley Junior High Wrestlign

Caden SImco

 The Penns Valley wrestling team knows that they are good this year. But the wrestling team does not have that many people to join next year. We need people to come out and wrestle for the Penns Valley Junior High wrestling team. I will tell you about wrestling with PV. Once you get out of school at 3:15, grab your stuff from your locker and head to the boy’s locker room next to the small gym. So you get out of school at 3:15 and you head over to the boy’s locker room next to the small gym and you get your stuff on and then  Once you get your wrestling shoes and headgear, we play dodgeball until 3:30 to warm up our muscles and joints. we play dodgeball until 3:30 when practice starts you jog in the circles, nearest the end of the season you play a game while jogging in the circle. Then you do what he has planned for that day but towards the end of the year, you do a lot of live wrestling. Then at the end of practice, you do conditioning which the coach will push you hard for conditioning. Then at the very end, you roll up the mats. Everyone is very nice to you, same with the coaches. We need you on the PV JH wrestling team. 


Time to talk about how this season went this season was very good with only 2 losses. It was not that bad. This season was very good even though we started 2 weeks late. Good job wrestlers can’t wait to see you all next season.