Should we ban Tiktok

Should we ban TikTok?


Beijing, China- TikTok, is an app many teens have and use quite frequently. President Trump has said that it’s a threat to national security. Microsoft bought the app in the U.S.


Few do think that it is still a threat despite many false claims that it is a safe app to use. This is not the only concern. Challenges are coming from this platform all the time. Some include the blackout challenge, devious lick, and even one to cause school shootings. Even teachers and staff want to ban this app. In a poll conducted by the rambling ram, 44 % of teachers and 25% of students say they do. One Teacher polled said yes to banning TikTok and was interviewed Friday. Mr. Stitzer was interviewed and he says that kids spend way too much time on the app and they should spend more time on more physical activities. He says that challenges give kids negative and positive mindsets. Funny things are on the app but other things cause bad ideas.


Most students and even some teachers do not. In a poll taken by the rambling ram, 75% of students and 56% of staff and teachers say they do not. They say that they get good ideas for teaching, entertainment, and other things, we interviewed Mrs. Ripka and she says that she uses it for educational purposes and she does not even see challenges like devious

To conclude this, it can be concluded that 35% of people in the valley say that we should ban TikTok. We should just perhaps ban it for the people who deserve it. For more information, click here.

Not many people want to ban TikTok. The majority of people who say yes are teachers and staff. The majority of people saying no are students.