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The nine titans in the world of AoT.

In the world of killer titans and society stuck behind walls, humanity is pushed to the breaking point. However, nine special titans are discovered in the world that has the potential to save humanity as a whole. These nine titans are split in being for or against humanity’s survival. The nine titans are named the armored, beast, fighting, colossal, jaw, cart, warhammer, female, and founding titans. All of these titans have their special powers and motives.

All of the titans except for the fighting titan are against the survival of humanity within the walls. As time goes on, their motives begin to change for some, and others simply die. This podcast is meant to detail the inner working of how all of these titans work in the world of Attack on Titan. I will discuss how each of the titans relates to one another and who controls each of the nine titans. I will also look in detail at how each titan is made up and what powers each titan has.

Some of the titans discussed are very strong and could beat almost any other of the nine titans. Other titans are weaker in combat but still are great as support titans and are still feared by humanity. If you are looking for a thrilling series to learn more about your favorite titans after watching the show then here is the spot. It should be noted that there areĀ major spoilers for the show and manga of Attack on Titan. If you plan to watch or read the show I recommend you come back to this article afterward to listen to the podcasts!