There are many different ways you can make art—paint, markers, pencils, clay, pastels, etc. They all let people express themselves but in different forms. 


Painting is one of the oldest art forms. It can be a beautiful way to express yourself, with a paintbrush, your hands, or any other way you see fit. Painting is such a great way to make art because you can do so many different things with it. You can paint on paper, paint on walls, paint on clothing objects, paint anywhere you have permission. You don’t have to be detailed with it because it is your artwork and people will interpret it the way they see your painting not the way others or even you see your painting. That is the beauty of paint it affects people differently. If you meant for it to mean “this”, but another person sees “that,” then that just shows that you have made an outstanding piece for other people to see what they want to see.


Clay makes you feel in control. Pottery is a very unique form of art, you can make anything with it. It can have many different sides to it that are shown in only one piece of art. You can get very creative with clay, and make statues, mugs, plates, tea sets, ornaments, and many other objects. There is no limit when it comes to pottery, just the size of your kiln may be a problem if you want to make something bigger. There are many techniques when it comes to making something out of clay. You can use the slip-and-score method, you can use a wheel, you can use the foil technique, and many others. When your piece comes out of the kiln, meaning if it goes in one, and you paint it, put a nice glaze over it, that really brings the piece altogether. Ms. Fischer Penns Valley art teacher says, “Trust the process!” Clay can also be a very good stress reliever, which can be shown in your finished product that is not a bad thing that shows you gave emotion, people with understand and try and relate to the feeling you had when making your piece. 

As said before art is a great way to showcase your talent and emotion, everyone should try it at some point in their life, and let loose to see what can happen.