The fall of Madden Mobile.


Chad Hammer

Madden NFL Mobile is a game that was great but has since gone down to where few people play it now. This mobile game was created in the summer of 2014 and is still going down however they are two different games now in the changes that were made. 

Madden Mobile is the NFL’s mobile version of the regular game Madden which comes out every year. Madden can be played on a gaming system such as Xbox, Playstation, or a PC. Madden Mobile is different and the same in many ways as the gaming system version. Madden Mobile is an ultimate team kind of game where you can get different players for your team. These players all have an overall which is how they are labeled based on how good the player is. You can get different players through a variety of packs that you can open and by doing different challenges. The regular Madden has something very similar to this but also is a little different. 

However, since 2020 Madden Mobile has gone down in how many people play it and how fun it is. They have made a variety of changes that have made many players such as myself, not very happy. For example, they took out the auction house. The auction house made it available to buy and sell player cards with coins. You could bid on a card or just simply buy it. This made it more fun because you could upgrade your team by just buying a player instead of trying to work for it which can take a while. You could buy limited edition player cards that were very fun and could upgrade your team. Another change is upgrading your players. I personally did not like this change because of the fact that it was more fun to just buy a player that had a higher overall. The highest overall used to just be 99 but they have since made it so that you can upgrade your player to over 100. This is simply just not fun because there use to be a sense of fulfillment when you got someone who was a 99 but now you can just upgrade them to go over 100.

The game has just gone down since 2020. Although some players might still enjoy it, I do not. I use to play it all the time when I was a kid but since the changes that were made, I do not play it as much. Hopefully, the game will rise again one day.