Damar Hamlin A Great Young Man


George Dawson, Writer

On Monday, January 2nd the Buffalo Bills traveled to Cincinnati to play the Bengals on primetime television when an unprecedented tragedy occurred.

Early in the first half wide receiver Tee Higgins caught a pass right around mid field and was tackled by Bills safety Damar Hamlin. After making the tackle Hamlin stood back up and instantly fell back down and slammed his head onto the ground. Quickly, medical staff arrived and began helping Hamlin. Hamlin was on the ground for a long time before eventually being transferred to the University of Cincinnati Hospital to be treated. It was later learned that Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field and was given CPR on the field to save his life. The CPR was given by Bills training staff member Denny Kellington who for his work should be regarded as a hero. At the time there was very little information known and given out regarding Damar Hamlin’s situation and the entire world showed massive amounts of support for Damar Hamlin and his family and friends. 

As the week has gone Damar Hamlin has gotten progressively better to as of today Friday January 6th him being able to breathe and communicate on his own to his family and doctors. Hamlin is much more than a football player though, and is a great human being. Out of high school he was a highly touted recruit and had offers from schools like Ohio State and Penn State but chose to stay home and play at the University of Pittsburgh largely so he could be a good role model for his younger brother. Whilst in college he started a charity for local kids and every year spends time signing gifts and hanging out with them. After Monday night people began to overwhelmingly support his charity in which it has received two hundred and fifty thousand donations totaling close to eight million dollars for local children. It is not known yet whether he knows about the support for his charity and the kids, but I am sure once he knows he will feel overwhelming amounts of gratitude and thanks to everyone who has supported him.


Damar Hamlin is a great young man who deserves all the love, kindness, and prayers as he recovers from his tragic injury.