Sitcoms I’d Recommend


Scotty Dinges

When it comes to sitcoms, there are a select few I’d definitely recommend for those who love to binge-watch beloved sitcoms. Shows like How I met Your Mother, Friends, and Psych are definitely at the top of the list. Here are a couple of the best qualities each show has:

How I Met Your Mother is a 9 season sitcom centered around the main character Ted. Ted is on the search for his wife and his 4 friends definitely all have an impact on his life. The story is told through future Ted explaining his life to his kids. Now, this show is definitely eventful as you watch diligently for 9 seasons who his mystery wife is. I’d say it has more of a plot line when compared to other sitcoms which definitely makes it more entertaining. Ted along with his friends, Marshall, Barney, Robin, and Lily adds a very comedic event. Each character has a different personality which ultimately completes the whole gang. It’s definitely a funny show that you’d have to watch in order to understand.

Next is, Friends. Now just about everyone knows the hit 90s show Friends. It’s about a group of 6 friends, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross living in New York City. You can typically find them hanging out at the coffee shop Central Perk together. As you watch, you get to see each character and their individual lives while they interact. There are many relationships that run through the friend group specifically Ross and Rachel which always have viewers on the edge of their seats. If you’re looking for a relatable show to make you smile, this is the one for you.

Lastly, Psych. Psych I’d say is the most comedic out of the three. Now I’d say it is less of a sitcom due to its longer episodes, but still very close in comparison. The main character is Shawn Spencer who works at a local police department in Santa Barbara. Shawn is a very observative and smart individual in which he leads people to believe he’s physic. He works alongside his lifetime best friend, Gus. The two of them together have the perfect comedic chemistry. Together, they work as “detectives” and figure out the mysteries behind various crime scenes. Now, Psych may not have as much of a continuous plot line compared to the other shows; regardless, it is certainly a good, funny show I’d definitely recommend.