Top Three Characters in Friends


Friends is a popular 90s sitcom revolving around six friends. Those six friends include Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Phoebe, and Joey. They all have unique characteristics which make their friend group unforgettable creating a funny, wholesome sitcom. Each character is comedic, and lovable in their own way which makes it hard to pick the top three characters. If I had to choose, I would say Chandler, Joey, and Rachel.

Chandler, the man of sarcasm. There is not one episode where Chandler isn’t throwing out sarcastic lines left and right. I’d say this absolutely puts him in the top three. He is comedic in so many you’d have to watch the show to understand. Besides that his bond with Joey is unbeatable. This is the kind of friendship that will never end. Joey is a sweetheart and may be stupid occasionally but this just makes him all the more loveable; take this concept and combine it with sarcastic Chandler, and you’ve got yourself a perfect duo. 

As I said previously, Joey is by far the sweetheart of the group. Joey is so loving towards his friends. Throughout the show you see him give up things just to make his friends happy. Not only does he make his friends happy, he certainly makes the audience feel warmth in their hearts. When Joey makes his dumb remarks here and there, you can’t help but laugh.

Lastly, Rachel Green. She is the one who ultimately completed the gang, and who doesn’t love the Ross and Rachel moments in the show? The popular line “we were on a break” is one of the most comedic events within the show, without Rachel, the plot of her relationship with Ross would be nowhere. Not to mention her development as a character. She went from leaving the altar in episode one and never spending a penny of her own money, to an independent woman with a job at Ralph Lauren. This has to be the sole definition of “develop”.