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Homecoming is soon!

Homecoming is coming up so here are some of the upcoming events and some things about homecoming week. The homecoming parade is on September 26th at (6:30) and the pep rally is at (7:30) at the Grange Fair Grounds!  Spirit week is Monday, September 23rd- Friday, September 27th! Here is a list of the fun things to do/wear for spirit week!!

Monday: PJ Day – School Appropriate PJ’s

Tuesday: Dress Fancy Day

Wednesday: RED Shoe, boot or socks

Thursday: Homeroom wars/twin day – find a partner, your entire class or homeroom to dress alike!

Friday Blue and White day – Show your school spirit and wear your blue and white ram apparel.

Our quarterback for varsity is Aaron Tobias #10! He´s a great quarterback!!

On Friday, September 6th, our varsity football team played Bald Eagle, it was a very good game. WE WON THE BELL BACK!!! Logan Snyder had some pretty good touchdowns! The most epic one was when it tipped of one of the guys hands and Logan Snyder dove down and caught it in the end zone! Pretty epic am I right or am I right? Sam Martin #59 got hurt during the football game and was not able to play! Sam Martin will graduate in 2020!

The homecoming football game is Friday,September 27th, (7:00) vs Midd West. BE THERE AND SUPPORT OUR  SCHOOL!!!! 

On Monday, September 28th is the homecoming dance, come dance, eat food, just hang out with your friends,and most importantly have a good time. The dance is at (7:00).

We don´t have school on Friday, October 18th!! so have fun on your day off!!

Junior High football plays bald eagle on Thursday, September 12th at (6:00) (away)

The next varsity football game is Friday, September 13th at 7:00 vs Central.  (home) BE THERE AND SUPPORT!! Hopefully we beat Central, I mean we had a good game last Friday so lets keep up the good work!


This picture was taken when we beat Bald Eagle and won the bell back on September 6 2019! #10 is our quarterback, Aaron Tobias!

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Image result for penns valley vs bald eagle


Image result for penns valley vs bald eagle 2019