Friday’s football Game Penns Valley vs. Bald Eagle

Mallory Stover

On September 6th, 2019, the Varsity football team played bald eagle.  The game started off okay and then we got better and everybody was super pumped. The most epic catch was near the end of the game which was in the end zone the ball tipped off one of the players fingers and then out of know where Logan Snyder comes in and dives and catches the ball and it was an awesome catch. The crowd went wild everybody was so excited and everybody was cheering and cow bells were going off. The players were so happy the team was going insane and everybody was shocked that Logan caught that. All the players got to ring the bell and the TV reporters interviewed some of the players and they were pumped that they won. My cousin didn’t get to play because he hurt his ankle last practice and he was on crutches for a week. His number is 15 and his name is Mason Lieb but Sam Martian got hurt at the end of the second Quarter and the beginning of the third. He is now on crutches and has a ankle brace on to help it heal. Hope he gets better! Everybody was super happy we got the bell back. Bald Eagle had it for 2 years straight! The score was 42 to 7, we won big time! Logan Snyder is a really good football player and he is really good at blocking and catching the ball. You can tell by the awesome catch he made in the end zone on Friday night. That night was the best the student section ran out on the field screaming and taking pictures they were very excited and so were the boys and the coaches. They celebrated with the bell and were so happy. Everybody is so happy we got the bell back.



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