What is our inspiration?

A preview into the madness that is Baby Jeremy Productions.


Provided by EDM.com

Aiden Claar

As a member of Baby Jeremy, we have to constantly keep up with other announcement teams that are composed of four people. This difference in size makes it harder for us to just come up with ideas and then execute them. Even the most professional of writers and playwrights run into the notorious “Writer’s Block” and there are many ways that people try to climb over this wall and reach their goal, whether it be to finish a book or to come up with an idea for a short segment for the morning announcements. According to Wordrack, some methods to get past the writer’s block are to talk to a friend, stay away from distractions, and to try working on something else.

What we actually do!

We, at Baby Jeremy, do none of these things, instead we take 10 minutes to walk around the room, staring at each other, occasionally we yell at each other and spit ball some ideas around. Just recently, we tried to come up with ideas for the April Fool’s Day announcements. To come up with ideas, we looked at each other and hypothesized what could make these announcements the most obnoxious morning announcements we have ever done. After a few minutes of walking around, yelling, drawing on the whiteboard, and watching some terrible YouTube videos, we created the morning announcements that will be presented to the entire school on Monday, April 3rd, 2023. I hope you enjoy the results of our painstaking creative process.

Happy APRIL FOOLS! (We do not do this. This article was for satirical purposes.)