Recycling Rams

Alice Peters

Have you heard the rumor that the recycling at our school goes to the same landfill as our regular trash? This is false! 

I contacted one of our lovely janitors, Tina Lamey. I asked her questions about our school’s recycling and trash system. She revealed that our regular trash gets taken to Grenoble’s Disposal and our recycling gets taken to Centre County Recycling. 

Tina also told me that the trash at school is picked up every day but Thursday and the recycling is picked up every other Thursday. The school even has cardboard picked up every other Wednesday. The trash in classrooms is collected every night. Recycling might not be collected every night, depending on who cleans that room. Don’t let this fool you though, it always gets collected at some point. 

By making sure that our recycling gets recycled we are helping the community. If there is less trash in our landfill it will result in fewer animals eating trash and getting stuck in trash. 

What is recycling you ask? Recycling is simply when old plastics, papers, cardboard, aluminum, and glass are reused. It isn’t limited to just those though. Recycling is converting waste materials into reusable objects. These objects are typically taken to a recycling center where they are then cleaned, combined, or melted, and shaped into new products. Recycling helps to reuse things that would harm the planet. Recycling also prevents pollution and reduces greenhouse gases because it reduces the need to mine and process new raw materials. 

If we don’t recycle then our air and water will be polluted and unsafe for us to live here. I don’t know about you but I wanna save our planet. I don’t want to have to move to Mars!

This is what the garbage truck that collects the school trash looks like.