Parents and Guardians Turn to Bulletproof School Supplies to Help Protect Children


Guard Dog Security’s bulletproof backpacks (as shown above) are becoming popular.

Josh Evans

In a dark age full of mass shootings, parents and others look to bulletproof school supplies to help protect their kids. In both schools and various other places, there has been an increase in the number of shootings within the past few years.

According to the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), there have been more mass shootings this year than there have been days. On the 244th day this year (September 1st), there were already roughly 283 mass shootings in the United States. Companies such as Leatherback Gear are creating bulletproof backpacks and backpack inserts. John Drury, a father of a 16-year-old, describes this era as “scary times.”

Analysts estimate that the market for bulletproof gear is now in the tens of millions of dollars. Whether it’s bulletproof backpack inserts, backpack vests, or binders, the demand for these school supplies has been on the rise.

However, some people feel differently about the situation. Professor Matthew Mayor at Rutgers University believes that there is little point in bulletproof items for school, in particular with backpacks. He says that there is not much of a chance that students will have backpacks with them and then be able to use them. At the high price range of around $150-$400+, Mayor thinks that the backpacks just provide students and parents alike with a sense of security that, in reality, is very unrealistic.

Either way, the want for more bulletproof school supplies has been getting bigger. With more and more parents concerned with their child’s safety, the bulletproof market continues to grow and expand.

These shootings impact many people, not just ones directly involved. Mass shootings also affect parents, kids, and other facilities across the country. In schools nation-wide, extra safety measures have had to be taken to ensure the protection of students, teachers, and other adults.