Penns Valley Rams take on Bald Eagle Area for the Iron Bell Trophy

Grace Bressler

This past Friday night, September 6th, our very own Penns Valley Football Rams took on Bald Eagle Area in an attempt of taking back the iron bell trophy. The game resulted in the team ringing the victory bell after a well deserved win over Bald Eagle Area with an final score of 42-7 to take home the win.

Their victory also allowed the Rams to once again reclaim the Iron Bell trophy from their rival for the first time since 2016 with the help of all the team players, coaches, and fans.

During the course of the game, BEA lost two of their starting players to injuries, which assisted with the win for the Penns Valley Rams.

Towards the end of the first quarter of the game, Penns Valley took the lead as Stephen Ripka completed a touchdown and pass received from quarterback Aaron Tobias. Gage Ripka then completed the field goal for the extra point. The first quarter of the game ended with a score of 7-0 with the Rams in the lead.

The Rams headed into the second quarter of the game taking the lead and continued to power on with determination. Towards the beginning of the second quarter with 11:15 left, Logan Snyder and Aaron Tobias completed another touchdown for the Rams and a field goal made by Gage Ripka, continuing to put the Rams in the lead once again with a score of 14-0. Logan Snyder made an additional touchdown, along with sophomore Zach Braucht for a second quarter ending score of 28-0.


During the third quarter, BEA was able to score a touchdown, while Penns Valley did as well, resulting in an ending third quarter score of 35-7, with the Rams still in the lead.

The game ended with a pass attempt to Logan Snyder from a pass from Aaron Tobias and a tip which assisted Snyder in scoring the winning touchdown of the game with a final victory score of 42-7 for the Rams.

The Rams were ecstatic beyond words when they were finally able to once again bring the Iron Bell trophy back home, where it belongs.

Lineman, Lucas Homan, explained that, “The student section, and cheering from the fans along with the determination going into the game and teamwork used throughout the game helped the Rams to take the win over Bald Eagle.”

Concluding the game, the supportive student section stormed the field in excitement for the boys and their victory of the night.

The Rams take on Central next at home on September 13th at 7:00 PM, BE THERE and support!