Tony’s Top 5 Movie Recommendations!

Tony Lewis

Hello everyone my name is Tony Lewis and one of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling down is watch a movie or two. Today I am going to be showing you my top 5 movie recommendations that I think you guys should watch!


The first one is going to be “The Sandlot”. This movie is one of my most popular demands I ask for when my older cousin asks what I want to watch when I hang with him. He always says yes because he loves that movie too.

The second one I am going to be showing you is my little cousins favorite movie which is “Endgame”. He love this movie so much because he is a huge Avengers movie fan. He has watched every single avengers movie you could think of.

The third one I am going to be showing you is “The wizard of oz”. This is my grandmas favorite movie made of all time! She will never say no about watching it and her favorite part was when she clacked!!! her shoes together and said “There is no place like home!”.

The fourth movie I am going to be showing you is ” Hobbs and Shaw” This is my dads favorite movie and if you were to ask him what his favorite movie was he would say that. I am so glad that I got to spend his birthday with him and go see the movie.

The fifth movie  am going to be showing you is “47 meters down” This is my moms favorite movie because she likes horror movies and thrill seekers.