The Jonas Brothers Preforming in State College Takes College Student’s Breath Away

If any of you knew, the Jonas Brothers had a show last month in our local area of State College. They performed in an audience that did include some people from Penns Valley. People were going nuts over the concert and everyone had a great time.

Nick Jonas posted a tweet with the caption “Let’s go PSU, #NitannyLionsForLife #WEAREPENNSTATE”. Nick Jonas has shown his support for Penn State on multiple occasions like him randomly doing a show last April because we won the twitter poll for the best restaurant. Nick has been very open about liking Penn State by randomly tweeting things like “Go PSU!’ or “#PennStateForLife” etc. I think that it is good that Nick Jonas is a fan of ours because we constantly support him and his music, which he does know, which is why he likes Penn State so much.

This affects Penns Valley because many people from Penns Valley went to that concert and supported Nick and his band members by being good fans and good people, which Penn State and Penns Valley are known for doing. Since the Jonas Brothers love Penn State so much, I bet we will see way more of them in the future and we can have a blast at their concerts once again! Hopefully, they can come back soon and we can support them as that’s what Pennsylvanians do!

Thanks, Mary Arkenskas for the inspiration to write this article!