The House of Representatives Advances US Gun Laws


This is the House of Representatives having a heated conversation.

Ryley Kirk, News Reporter

According to an article that was posted on 9/10/19, the House of Representatives has decided to go through with adding more strict gun laws to protect US citizens. They have decided that anyone that has ever been convicted with a hate crime is not allowed to have a firearm, no exceptions.

I think that’s a good idea because it will help protect groups of people that are targeted because of the color of their skin or what they believe in. Also, it can prevent more mass shootings from happening because study says that more than 75% of shooters have been convicted with a hate crime. This can prevent school shootings and mass shootings to specific groups that are attacked. The House has made a short statement. “We are not doing this to harm anyone, we are simply trying to stop this epidemic of school shootings and mass shootings. We have decided to go through with the law.”  I think this is an amazing law and I hope it gets passed through very soon. People have decided that the gun laws should be advanced because it is important to be safe in our country instead of having everyone have possession of a gun. This benefits our country and the people that live in it. The government is being smart by doing this because only people of the law should have guns, besides people that hunt.