Top 5 Video Game Recommendations

Top 5 Video Game Recommendations

Nathan Spicer

Hi I am Nathan Spicer and are the top 5 video game recommendations of my opinion .

Number 1. Minecraft. Minecraft has came back and much more popular once again. It’s an offline or online game, and there is so much to do, and every time they have an update there is so much more stuff that makes the game way better.

Number 2. God of War PS4. this is an amazing game where you play as a war god named, Kratos. You take your son around all the realms and teach your boy to be a god and spread your wife’s ashes. When you discover more secrets about and your son, you, and your wife. With lots of battles and bosses along the way. you can also learn a lot about gods.

Number 3. Rainbow 6 Siege. It’s a  5v5 game where you choose different people with different abilities. there are 3 different objectives: bomb, where the attacking team pushes inside and tries to plant a bomb, and the defense team tries to defuse the bomb, secure where the attacking team try to stay in the area with no defense team in the room with you, and then defend the area and not let the team get in.

Number 4. Subnautica. It’s a game where your space ship was shot down by an alien gun, because the planet had a disease and was in quarantine. you take an escape pod to find out the planet is 99.8% of water. You are on a mission to cure the planet, and build a spaceship. You find lot of secrets and equipment to go further down. It’s an amazing, beautiful, offline, well built, and a little laggy at some points. It’s still an amazing game.

Number 5. Overwatch. its a 6v6 game almost like the game rainbow 6 siege, you can capture an area, or you can capture a payload and take it to a destination, the last on is you both try and have the area the longest time in it. It’s an online game and one of my favorites.