New Penns Valley Changes

Lucas Racette

Penns Valley should put in new facilities for some of the other sports teams and for the football field during certain games. The first thing we should add to this school is a swimming pool for when people have swim practice or for swim meets. A pool would also be nice because for gym and open gym periods, people would be able to use the swimming pool but it wouldn’t be used just for fun, it would only be allowed during gym class, swimming practice or swim meets and for open gym time. Another thing would be nice for our school would be an indoor track for people to be able to practice when it’s cold or if its raining outside. If it was raining on the day we have a home track meet, we could still have the track meet but it would be indoors.

An indoor track would help make greater improvements to our school and we would also be able to have a track meet indoors if it was raining or snowing outdoors.

Another thing would be nice is to make newer improvements to our football field. We should put in bathrooms at our football field and put in more bleachers on the other side of the stands for the opposite team supporters for people. We could have more fans coming to the football games and we could decorate it for every fun event that comes up too. These changes for Penns Valley Area High School would be helpful and we would also have a more improved school. We could also be able to use it more and it would make more sense for the other sporting teams and for gym classes. That is why we should have all these thing in our school and our football field.