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How Much Homework is “Too Much”?

January 20, 2020

Research shows that homework can be mentally and physically exhausting to students. It has also been shown that homework does not actually help in the long run and that the less homework he or she gets, the better they will do.

Students realistically only do homework to get it done and are not actually benefiting from it. Over the past couple decades, the time students spend on homework has risen significantly. Most research has shown that it is not beneficial and just “busywork”. Homework is a source of stress for teens. Teachers are told to keep in mind that most students have activities outside of school that can be very time consuming such as sports, jobs, and extracurricular activities.

Teachers have reported to say that the point of homework is to gain knowledge and that your grade is less important. The whole point of high school is to pursue in something after. Grades are unfortunately the heaviest weight on pursuing whatever it is that comes for you after this chapter. So when teachers say that this “busywork” is meant to help us, it is really just taking a big hit risk to grades. It’s believed that homework is a waste of time according to students and is taking a toll on their performance in class and their outside time of school.

This is still in consideration for schools and teachers across the world on how much is “too much” homework. Research shows that up to 45 minutes of homework should be the limit for students, although it is reported that over an hour is the average amount of time spent on homework.

As a parent of a child struggling with homework it is important to suggest them to have a dialogue with their teacher about their struggles with amount of difficulty or amount in general given to them for after school busywork.


Graphic of reported time and records on homework.


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