Do you like cartoons?


Ava Geisinger

Cartoons are very popular around the world. Especially kid cartoons, like Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Shark dog, etc. 

    One cartoon that was popular back in the 2010s was Adventure time.Adventure time came out on April 5th, 2010 and it ended on September 3rd 2018. Adventure time was based on a human, Finn the human, and a dog who had a stretchy body, Jake the dog. Jake and Finn battle evil in the show. Another cartoon that was very popular in 2009 was Regular Show. It started on August 14th 2009, and it ended on January 16th 2017  . It was based on two friends, one was a blue bird named Mordecai, and a raccoon named Rigby. Mordecai and Rigby both went on a bunch of adventures in the city they live in.Both Regular Show and Adventure time were on Cartoon Network, a cartoon channel on TV. On Cartoon Network, there were a bunch of different cartoons on there other than Adventure Time and Regular Show. There is, Amazing World of Gumball, Teens Titans Go, We Bare Bears, PowerPuff Girls, etc. 

Cartoons are made by drawing, animating and maybe even by coding. Cartoons are animations because of how they are drawn, you need to draw different scenes for the show. For example, for Adventure Time, the creator, Pendleton Ward, drew the characters and turned them into an animation. 

What cartoons do you like? Do you watch cartoons? Do you like cartoons? I know I do!