COVID-19 Vaccine and how it works.

Liam Tucker

A person with gloves getting the vaccine into a certain syringe .
Credit for photo goes to Wood8 TV | click here

COVID-19 is a pandemic that struck the world in early 2020 and has affected many of our lives. But a miracle came on December 11th of 2020 when Pfizer announced their vaccine. You need 2 of these to be fully vaccinated. The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine was made surprisingly quick and over 169 Million Adults (Over 18) are fully vaccinated in the United States. But recently there have been some setbacks and misunderstandings, So I am here to explain it. Every Vaccine has an effective rate like the flu vaccine with a 100% effective rate which means if you get the vaccine, for 8 months after you won’t have to worry about getting the flu. But the COVID vaccine works differently. Another COVID vaccine, Moderna, has a 95% effectiveness rate. The one that I mentioned at the start of this article has a 96% effectiveness rate. Another well-known COVID vaccine is the Johnson & Johnson Single Shot Vaccine which only has a 67% effectiveness rate. Because of this many mayors of cities such as Detroit’s mayor didn’t want such a low effectiveness rate so they ordered to stop all shipments of the J&J Vaccine. This is a common misunderstanding and the reason why people misunderstand this is because most other vaccines which are meant to prevent sickness have a 100% effectiveness rate. The COVID vaccine is different though. It’s supposed to help stop the spread and lessen the symptoms so that hosplization goes down, not up. And this has been tested, People with ANY vaccine is only at a 0.8% hospitalization rate for people with the vaccine who got the virus. So I hope you learned that the COVID vaccine isn’t to stop COVID but just to weaken it so that it will just fade away on its own.