Penns Valley Is Getting a Pool!


Leah Meyer, Journalist

It is finally happening! Approved at the last school board meeting, Penns Valley High School will officially be installing a pool on school property! The installation process will begin immediately after the 2023 school year ends. A pool house will be constructed in place of the current tennis courts, as well as additional parking spots.

For years, many have been requesting that our swim team has their own pool on school property for convenience purposes, but I doubt anyone expected it so soon! The pool will not only be used for swim practices and meets, but also starting next school year, it will also be enforced in gym classes. Students will be required to bring appropriate swimming attire for certain physical education activities. (More details to come).

The pool house will consist of a short course competition pool with 25×18.29 meter dimensions. Not only this, but the school will also be installing a sauna in the pool house for specific times after school and practices of all sports. Students must provide a school ID outside of school hours and will be able to access the pool and sauna anytime from 3:15 PM-8PM on weekdays outside of the swimming season. Hours will vary between sports seasons.

Many believe that this will be a great opportunity for students! I am so envious that I will be graduating before I get to see it!




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