Fantasy Football


Fantasy football is where you draft players that are in the NFL to be on your team. You score points based on how well the players on your team do in the actual game in real life. You go head to head against other people in your league. You can put money in it to win money at the end but you don’t have to.

I play on the app called ESPN Fantasy where you can do fantasy football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. You can draft a team at any point even if the season isn’t coming up soon. I do fantasy football and I have a team in two leagues. I also sometimes do fantasy basketball but I just go into a random league. The one league that I am we do a offline draft where we go to a restaurant and draft there. The other draft I do is online where the leader sets a time and you draft your players when that time starts.

Players are ranked based on there positions. You wanna draft players from different positions so that you don’t draft a bunch of running backs and one wide receiver. You also don’t want to draft players with all the same bye week because then that week all of your good players will not be playing so you will probably lose. So you should draft players with different bye weeks so you can be competitive every week of the season. Throughout the season you will need to edit your lineup because of injuries and bye weeks. You can also drop people off your team and add people to your team if you want. You can also trade players to other people if they accept it.