Are there any sports out there that Penns Valley should include in their athletic program?

Are there any sports out there that Penns Valley should include in their athletic program?

Maddie Butler

If lacrosse is very popular, why doesn’t Penns Valley have it?

Many schools around Penns Valley give their students an option to play some sports that Penns Valley does not. One of those many sports is lacrosse. Bellefonte Area High School is one of the schools around here that has an option to play the sport lacrosse.

There is lots of research on lacrosse and why it’s a good sport to play that will help increase friendships with others. The website bownet states, “Not every team sport necessarily promotes teamwork as much as Lacrosse does. Players strategize, train and score together.” This helps to build bonds and relationships on and off the field. It is stated in the article that “Many players form deep bonds that actually help them play better in games.” Therefore the players will do better in the sport by creating those bonds, which makes the team more successful.

Lacrosse is also a very good workout. In the article, it says “Lacrosse provides a full-body workout as players use almost every muscle in the body.” It provides great conditioning and great exercising for anyone. Running in different directions every time the ball is thrown works and builds many muscles in your body. Plus throwing a lacrosse ball and constantly swinging the stick works the arms for sure. The players would gain a great amount of muscle.

Overall, lacrosse would just be such a great sport for Penns Valley. According to “Lacrosse became the national sport of Canada. Lacrosse could be a solution to the problems faced by many students in finding extracurricular activities.”  This sport would help to improve teamwork, relationships, and strength. This just proves that lacrosse would be a great attribute to the Penns Valleys sports program.