Pre-Pep Rallies


This year our administration thought it would be a good idea to go to other schools and get them pumped up for spirit week. Shelly Weaver and Nate Althouse went along with student-athletes to Rebersburg and Center hall on Thursday the nineteenth! On the twentieth student-athletes and the homecoming court took a walk over to PVEI to spread the spirit! 

Football, girls and boys soccer, volleyball and boy and girls cross country, the cheerleaders and also the band were all on the bus to Rebersburg for the first stop of the Spirit Tour 2019. The kids enjoyed the entertainment of the cheerleaders and the band and some of the athletes made some new friends as the day went on. There was a “floss off” between the athletes and one teacher. The students got to choose the winner and the winner of Rebersburg was Mr. Miller. 

Back on the bus to Center Hall to wrap up the day. Center hall is bigger than Miles Township and there are more teachers to choose from for the floss off. The students here were really into the cheering and we all made some new friends! The band kept the kids entertained and the cheerleaders kept them cheering! The winner of the floss off here was Mr. Glunt and the kids went crazy jumping up and down screaming to the top of their lungs. They all got high fives going out the door back to their classrooms. 

This year’s Spirit tour twenty nineteen was complete and all the students enjoyed it even the student-athletes! Everyone made some friends that day and Shelly Weaver and Nate Althouse were very pleased with the outcome. They are planning to do it next year too. The parade is this Thursday and the Football game is Friday with the dance following on Saturday night.