Morgan Smith

The amount of work that goes into the yearbook is unbelievable. There are many different things that you have to do takes a lot of time to make sure that a good yearbook is created that everyone will be happy with. The cover, pictures and the senior bios. 


The yearbook is an all year process because of all of the different activities that going on. Each member of the club is assigned an equal amount of pages so that everyone does the same amount of work. When creating the we use jostens to format them and put them together.


Taking pictures is another aspect that  is important because you need to insure that you have enough quality pictures for all activities. Taking pictures can be challenging due to lighting and sometimes if the camera is on the wrong setting you won’t get high quality photos. For example if you use a manual mode it might be harder to take pictures quickly because some pictures will turn out blurry. If you use the automatic mode then the picture quality will turn out better due to the fact that you don’t have to worry about the picture turning out blurry. 

The craziest part of yearbook happens in the spring because then you have to hunt people down for missing senior bios and pictures. You then also have to put together all the club pages, the spring sports pages and the senior most pages. The price of the yearbook evens out to the amount of work that gets put into the yearbook every year. 


As being in the yearbook club for the second year in a row I understand that it is a stressful time and does take a lot of work. From cover to cover the people in the club put a lot of time into it as well as others not in the club. Sophie did our cover last year which took up the majority of her time when she didn’t have to do the cover but the more people that care about being in the yearbook and putting it together it will make the yearbook better. Order your yearbook TODAY!