JH boys Soccer vs Central Heartbreaking Tie + Tyrone


Owyn Corman

It was a hot sweaty day when we arrived at our varsity practice field and in the first 3 minutes of the game, we scored a beautiful shot. Then around two minutes later, we scored another goal. Sadly within the last 8 minutes of the game, Central got a breakaway and scored a goal then our defense tore apart and Central scored a goal. With a valiant last effort, both sides failed to score ending in a heartbreaking 2-2 tie.  There will also be a little about Us vs Tyrone.

After the game against Central we were mad about it and devastated that we tied them again in a stupid way. Everyone was just really mad that we tied against them again and that would make it the 4th tie of the season. On to the game against Tyrone, at the beginning teammates thought this would be an easy win because last time we beat them 4-0 but, this time it was another tie 1-1. It was a tie this time because last time we played them they didn’t have their star player and this time I think everyoneś shooting was a little off.

So the Tyrone game went like this; first, we had the ball up on Tyroneś side of the field mostly for the first ten minutes. Shortly after the first ten minutes, there was a great cross to goal and Heath was up there to put it in. Then Tyrone scored their goal by passing to number 14 their star player around 10 feet away from the 18 and put lots of power in his shot and it went straight over our goalieś head and went into the goal. One interesting thing about the game is within the last 7 minutes of the game there was a pass to goal and Josh Conklin finished it but, sadly it was offsides.