PV Takes On BEA In Volleyball

Penns Valley girls volleyball is going to take on Bald Eagles state champs tonight at 7:15. Penns Valleys girls are super excited to play BEA and try and get a win. PV’s girls record is 6-4. The theme for tonight is a black out to help support the hope fund. The hope fund is an organization that will collect money and help people with cancer find ways to pay for their treatments and have travel money. The lady rams will be playing tonight and help raise money for the hope fund. I interviewed many players from the volleyball team how they feel about todays game against BEA. Grace Bressler answered ” I feel if we go in confident and as a team we can keep a close score. And we have to have fun and lots of energy.” Grace made a good point with having lots of energy and then they can keep a close score. Anna Butler also commented “I think that we will play to our best ability, its going to be challenging but we are all up for it.” Skylar Zettle also says “We are going to try our best and it will be a challenge but overall I think it will be a great and exciting game.” Jadyn Butler (captain) mentioned “I think that we are going to play a very competitive game and do the best we can, I think we may fall short.” Penns Valley needs to come out strong and have good communication to get a good outcome to this game. Bald Eagle is undefeated this year and that just pushes Penns Valley to play harder this game than any other game this year. It will be a great game and everyones very excited to come out and watch our Penns Valley Lady Rams play Bald Eagle State Champs tonight at 7:15.

Penns Valley Lady Rams Volleyball take on Huntington and win.