Girls Soccer Senior Night

The Penns Valley Lady Rams took on Tyrone on Thursday for their senior night. These ten fabulous seniors were set to  play one of their last games under the lights. It has been a relatively good season as we have learned as a team and have grown closer. It will be hard for some as they say good-bye to their high school season career and hanging there cleats up forever. 

Here are some thoughts from a few of the seniors. “I am sad that this is my last year but I am excited I got to play six years of soccer as a lady ram with amazing people” -Hannah Denger 

“It’s sad that the season is ending but I am thankful for all the memories that have been made” -Cassondra Ulmanic 

“It’s going to be a life changing experience because soccer won’t be present every year, It’s sad to leave my team behind but they will continue to grow and accomplish things together.”  -Melanie Hosterman 

“I am sad that it has to come to an end but I am proud of what we have accomplished as a team.”- Elli Satmm

The ten ladies have been able to bond through the season and get closer. We have held our heads high when we have lost, they are always trying to be role models and have thrown a lot of walnuts at one another.

Here are some quotes from the underclassmen:

“I am excited for the seniors to take on a new part of life but I am sad to see some of my closest friends and teammates leave the team.” Marielle Gretok 

“I am really sad about it and it is way to early for senior night to be happening” Kylie Auman