Penns Valley JH vs. West Branch soccer

On Monday, October 7th, 2019 the Penns Valley JH girls soccer team will be traveling to West Branch. It was a cold, wet, gloomy soccer game. The started a little ruff and it was hard to keep the ball controlled but then there was a spark of energy that led us to score a goal to tie with West Branch. West Branch then seemed to score one more, but Penns Valley was able to keep the ball on the other half of the field the first half. The half time score was 2-1 West Branch, with such a close score Penns Valley could have a chance to win the game but once the second half came around they weren’t able to.

West Branch started off with the ball and they were able to keep it on our side of the field. We were able to get the ball a couple of times were simply turned over to West Branch. But then we somehow got the ball through there defense and came very close to a goal. But as the time went fast and we continued to sub in people the time started to run out fast. As West Branch continued to score Penns Valley tried to get a few more goals but just weren’t able to. As the game came to an end the final score was 4-1 West Branch. The Penns Valley JH girls had tried very hard this game but just weren’t able to win. Good luck next time Penns Valley JH girls soccer.