Penns valley residents could be getting better internet

Nicholas Bair

For the past few years Penns valley residents have struggled to get reliable and more importantly fast internet. This issue has brought a lot of anger and frustration among the people living in Millheim, Aaronsburg, Woodward, Rebersburg, Madisonburg and Coburn. The existing internet services include- Verizon, Earthlink, Flashpoint ISP, Get, Viasat and Hughes Net. These up to this point have been expensive and unpopular. But there is light at the end of the tunnel for these residents, a new system called Atlantic broadband.

It offers to bring internet as well as cable and phone services to Penns valley. Bradley said “Part of that process is that we’re going to be building a whole new system,”. He also stated- “Wherever the utilities are aerial, will be aerial. Wherever the utilities are underground, will be underground. We’re not going to be coming in and digging up streets if there’s an existing pole line that is there.” This is great because if theres already an existing pole line, they will just add it to that pole, thus lowering the cost.

Now all of this sounds great right? Not as easy as it sounds, people are voicing concerns about certain hurdles that have to be worked out. One of them is the fact that  Millheim, Aaronsburg, Woodward, Rebersburg, Madisonburg and Coburn would all have to agree and sign a contract. If they all sign the contract it will benefit economically in the long run. Fultz said the company will also have an easier road to installing equipment. But if one area doesn’t go for it, Atlantic broadband will have to reconsider its plans.

Whether it works out depends on the interest from all the townships. Hopefully it will work to ensure great internet services to anyone who wants or needs it.