Aaron Tobias – Leading Penns Valley, the State, and the Country


Penns Valley’s senior quarterback, Aaron Tobias passing in previous game against Bald Eagle Area High School. (Photo courtesy of the Centre Daily Times)

Lydia Collison, Writer

PENNS VALLEY – Penns Valley’s football team heads into Week 8 of their season, with a record of 6-1, and strong quarterback leading them to further victory. Aaron Tobias, a senior captain, and quarterback of the PV football team is not only leading the state in passing yards, completions, and touchdowns but also, ranked second in the Nation for touchdowns and sixth for passing yards.

Aaron Tobias, son of Head Coach Martin Tobias has been very successful as Penns Valley’s quarterback for the past 2 years. Aaron grew up behind three older brothers who played football, two of them also being quarterbacks which he says has “pushed him every day to succeed”.

Tobias has had a very large impact on Penns Valley’s success, particularly last season when he led his team to the second round of District playoffs for the first time in eleven years. He hopes that he can do the same and more this year for his senior season. “I want to make this as special as possible for all of us,” Aaron said. “I think if we work together as a team, we can do special things and do something this program hasn’t ever done.”

Tobias is already Penns Valley’s all-time leading passer in passing yards and touchdowns and also holds the pass attempts and completions record for Centre County. In the state of Pennsylvania, Tobias leads in touchdowns, passing yards, and completions. In the nation, he is currently ranked number two in the nation for touchdowns with a total of 37, sixth in passing yards with a total of 2,332, and fourteenth for 148 completed passes.

Aaron Tobias’s leadership along with Penns Valley’s ten other seniors have contributed greatly to this season and they plan to have that continue as they strive for a Mountain League Title and another run into District playoffs.