Netflix: Unblocked

Netflix: Unblocked

Shelby Walker

The Penns Valley Area Jr/Sr High School decided to block Netflix on the school laptops for all of its students’ last school year. This means students cannot watch Netflix at school, but it also prevents them from watching it at home.

Many students use Netflix as a way to relax and watch their favorite shows or movies after school and on the weekends. Many students have had to resort to watching on their phones, which means that some of them will be using their data that their family has to pay for.

Not all students have access to cable or television services, so their families pay for Netflix which is a lot cheaper. Blocking this on the laptops even prevents students from being able to complete some homework tasks that require them to watch a show or movie.

Drama teacher, Ms. Farrant was asked about the subject, she responded, “There is no reason as to why students can’t watch it at home.” Even teachers understand that students should be able to watch Netflix from home.

If the school just blocks it on the wifi, it would prevent students from watching it during school hours. There is no logical or fair reason as to why it should be blocked on the laptops to the point where students can’t watch it while they are home.

Students were frustrated this summer because the school kept the website blocked from the laptops and students were unable to watch anything over their summer. Blocking this takes away students freedom and just increases the already high-stress level that students have to endure from school. Netflix is a way that students can escape from their stress and relax after a long day of school and sports/work.