Soaring Past the Golden Eagles in the Mountain League


Penns Valley is scheduled to play against Tyrone as an away game on October, 18th at 7:00 PM

Eryn Dutrow

SPRING MILLS, PENNSYLVANIA – As high school football teams enter their 9th week of the regular football season, local teams are scratching for their place in their respective leagues. The Penns Valley Rams are currently seated in 2nd in the Mountain League whereas their upcoming opponent, the Tyrone Golden Eagles, are seated in the 7th position. The Rams have taken victory over Tyrone last season and the team hopes that they have the same luck this season as well. 

So far this football season, the Penns Valley Rams have managed to pull off a 7-1 record and the Tyrone Golden Eagles have pulled off a 2-6 record. Both teams have fallen victim to the Clearfield Bison. The outcome of the Mountain League all comes down to this game as Bald Eagle is currently seated in the #1 position. If the Tyrone Golden Eagles reign superior in this game, the Penns Valley Rams will finish the regular season in the second position but on the flip side, if the Rams win – they will win the Mountain League. The Penns Valley Rams will automatically win their final game of the season as their opponent, Philipsburg-Osceola, forfeited the remainder of their season.  

Penns Valley has a national rank of 3466 and a state rank of 105 as they enter the 9th week of the regular football season. Tyrone has a national ranking of 10,008 and a state rank of 383.  This game will affect the Rams probability of winning the playoffs this year as they are currently are in 9th place but the Eagles do not qualify for playoffs this year. The Penns Valley Rams hope to win the game against Tyrone as it will also allow them to play two playoff games on their home field. 

This Friday’s game will affect the Penns Valley Rams record/standings in both the Mountain League as well as their location and chances of winning the playoffs which has pushed the team to perfect their skills to the best abilities. Kick-off is at 7:00 PM on Friday, October 18th for the Tyrone .vs. Penns Valley game as students are encouraged to go to the game and support the team. No theme has been officially announced yet for this game.