Stop Shutting My Locker

Everyday in between classes I leave my locker open because I find it more convenient and easier than having to put my combination in every single time I need to get something out of my locker. When I leave my locker open I am not letting anything in there that are valuable things. My laptop is with me every block and I put my keys in my backpack so no one would be able to find those. When I am in classes and I hear people slam my locker shut it irritates me because most of the time it’s on the verge of jamming and I know others have magnets on the inside of their lockers so then the magnets get thrown off. If you feel the need to look in my locker to try and take some things go ahead and take my school stuff because that’s the only thing you’ll find in my locker besides snacks. There is also no rule in the student handbook that says a student must keep their lockers closed in between class periods. If we can’t put rubber bands on the inside of our lockers so we don’t have to combination in then what is the harm in keeping them open. It isn’t causing any safety issues because no items in my locker will cause harm to anybody. So whoever is being told to shut the lockers that are open or who every feels the need to shut them when they are open should know that it is  annoying and frustrating.