Can social media be a tool in school?

Nick Bair

You can ask any adult in this world and they will tell you that social media has corrupted youth, They claim that its a distraction and it should not be used in school. But what if I told you that it does have beneficial aspects and it could be used as a tool. A school in outside Orlando has tried a new approach with social media, they have started a TikTok club. If your not familiar with TikTok, its an Android social media video app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. They started the club with this saying-“Wanna be TikTok famous? Join TikTok club.” They created the club with the hopes that it would bring students together through teamwork, and it has accomplished just that. Of the students that have joined about 20 students have become TikTok famous, and it has lured more students into the club. Due to the huge success of the club, other schools have used apps like TikTok to promote drama clubs and to help students get their talent out there. But its not just TikTok, there are schools that use Twitter for academics. They call it Twitter Tuesday and it involves tweeting about a current issue, event or whatever they assign.

Social media is great in some aspects but can definitely be bad in others. If schools want to engage their students they might have to learn how to use social media in the classroom. Technology can be a great tool for students, but only if its used properly.