Should Fast Food be Allowed in Public Schools?

These are fast food businesses that could be opened up to collaborating with schools.

These are fast food businesses that could be opened up to collaborating with schools.

Mikaylah Elcock, Writer

Every individual has the freedom to choose what they eat, how they eat, and how much they eat. This includes students of every school across America.

It’s been tested that cafeteria food is actually low on oil, carbohydrates and fats. Fast food has these nutritional values. One big advantage is that the regular eaters know what exactly goes into the making of a particular product hence there would not be any doubt about what they are eating.

Fast food is not only easy to prepare but also takes less time and it can be arranged for a large number of students. It offers variety with different cuisines from many different countries and cultures presenting with many choices. This will save students from the regular and boring food that they eat everyday. Not only is it cheaper but it could also bring in more money for schools. Kids that are too lazy in the morning to pack, would be more willing to buy lunch off a fast food place rather than the school’s lunch. This is also beneficial for students who cannot afford expensive food.

With this being said, there should be more than just a McDonald’s option. Taco Bell, Chick-fil-a, Panda Express, and Sheetz are great options for food variety. These restaurants are also looking to benefit in revenue from putting their businesses in schools.

For schools that may be on the edge with this idea, a food limit could be required. Such as say a drink, a side, and your main dish. . .  and a dessert.

A pro to this would be that students with pickier appetites can have a wider variety of food choices and it would be more affordable and easier to maintain. Almost over half of students at public schools buy a lunch from the school. This number could easily increase with more variety because even for the kids who pack a lunch, have been surveyed that they would be more than willing to buy a fast food lunch on days they’re too lazy to pack because then there would be more options for a better meal rather than what the school has to offer.

Overall this could bring in more money for the schools and the business. This freedom would also allow students to eat with more variety.