Mackenzie Linn


National Honor Society emblem

Are you looking for a great way to boost your resume and make a difference in the school? Then NHS is the club for you. National Honor Society is a large organization for youth who excel at school. Your grades affect your eligibly to get excepted but as long as you have no more than 2 B’s you will fit the requirements.

National Honor Society does many things for the community as well. All members are required to get volunteer hours and they host fundraisers for good causes. This November they are hosting the 10th annual Penns Vally Turkey Trott on thanksgiving. This is a race to help raise money for the Hope Fund. The winner of the race gets a pumpkin pie and way to work off the calories they will soon gain back at the dinner table.

President of NHS William Thatcher says “NHS is a great extra curricular activity because it gives you an outlet to improve yourself and your community.” This just shows how much it can impact your life and improve your state of mind. by donating your time and energy into doing something good for you in others can truly make a difference in you.

Surrounding yourself with people who are motivated in school and helping others puts you in the mindset to do the same. Being held to standards of a good grade point average and volunteering your time to help others will be beneficial to your future, not just on your resume but in your entire life. So raise those grades and check your email to see if you have a chance of being apart of this group.