Strange Halloween Traditions

Skulls during the Day of the Dead.

Skulls during the Day of the Dead.

William Tatcher

Halloween is a holiday that everyone knows, but what most Americans don’t realize is how it’s celebrated in other countries. Other countries also have their own traditions and some of them can be very strange.

Halloween’s history can be traced to far before the creation of the United States. It is thought to have originated in the Celtic speaking areas of Scotland and Ireland.

Most people know about Mexico, in Mexico they celebrate Dia De Muertos. Where people put on costumes and make meals for the dead. But many don’t know about….

In Germany, people believe that dead relatives visit during Halloween, so every Halloween Germans do this thing called the hiding of the knives. They get all of the knives in their houses and hide them so that their passed away relatives don’t hurt themselves.

In Bolivia there is a tradition called the Festival of the Skulls. In Bolivia they keep the skulls of the dead to watch over them, and on this special night they bring them out and decorate them and give gifts to them.

There are also strange superstitions, In England if you look into the mirror on Halloween and see a face behind you then that is the face of your future spouse, if it is a skull, you will die before marrying.

In Romania they celebrate Halloween on May 26th in honor of Dracula.

In Portugal children ask for bread instead of candy when they trick or treat.

Austrians put lanterns out to help guide the dead to where they want to go.

In conclusion, most of the world separates Halloween in some way or another, they just do it in very very strange ways.